Girls winter clothing

Winter is the perfect time to layer all those gorgeous lace, tulle and chiffon items for your little princess. Don't be afraid to use different textures to create that perfect look.

Fluffy pink and white girls jackets over pettiskirts and lace tights are perfect for our Australian winter. Long sleeved tutu dresses in pink and floral prints and 1st birthday onesies are adorable for her winter birthday party.



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Jasmine Blue Winter Set
$69.00 $10.00
Jasmine Pink Winter Set
$69.00 $10.00
Aleisha Winter Set
$69.00 $10.00Out of Stock
Annabelle Winter Set
$69.00 $10.00Out of Stock
Bella Winter Set
$69.00 $10.00
Candice Winter Set
$69.00 $10.00
Pink Icing outfit
$69.00 $20.70Out of Stock
Camo Leg warmers
$10.95 $3.29
Winter leggings 1
$9.95 $2.00Out of Stock
Winter leggings 2
$9.95 $2.00Out of Stock
Plain Long Sleeved Top
$19.00 $4.00Out of Stock
Polka dot Leg Warmers
$12.95 $3.89Out of Stock
Striped Leg Warmers
$10.95 $3.29
Lace up Leg Warmers
$10.95 $3.29Out of Stock
Pink/Green Argyle
$10.95 $3.00Out of Stock
Ballerina Leg Warmers
$12.95 $3.89Out of Stock
Vintage Lace Hats
$12.95 $3.00
White Claudia Beanie
$12.95 $3.89Out of Stock
Lace leg warmers
$12.95 $2.00
Zebra Baby Leg Warmers
$12.00 $3.60
Damask Leg warmers
$12.00 $2.00Out of Stock
Birthday Pettitop
$35.00 $5.00
Lace Tights
$12.00 $2.00