doTERRA Essential Oils for Families, Babies and Children

doTERRA for kids 

Take a more proactive approach to your families health with doTERRA Essential Oils.
Not only can we provide you with adorable clothing for your Princess.  Now we can empower you to take control of your family's health with Essential oils.  Did you know that we also run a Health and Wellness Centre in Queensland?  Salty Kisses is a natural health Centre that provided the community with a salt Therapy Room, Massage, Aromatherapy and Detox solutions.
We love to help people naturally with their health concerns, rather than turning to mainstream and over the counter medicines for everyday health isssue in their lives. Whether it be sleep issues, digestive or immune support, joint & pain support, reducing the toxic load in your home, pregnancy, birth or childrens heath, emotional support for teenagers or new mums we can help!
For more information on how we can help support you, please contact me on 049710794 or at the Centre on 07) 54823978.  
CLICK HERE to see the enrollment packages available and to find out more about how Essential oils.

Much Love

Danielle x


This fabulous little business is "FOR SALE", please forward all enquiries to Danielle here: admin(at)zarianna(dot)com(dot)au